Who We Are

Desert Divas Defense is a female owned and operated full service training company. Samantha started Desert Divas Defense with the intention of taking beginners through training programs in a non threatening environment for maximum retention as well as challenging experienced shooters with more opportunities to advance their skills either through competitive shooting,  personal protection or recreational training.

Samantha wanted to offer a judgement free zone for students to come together and learn from and encourage each other. We are huge supporters of action shooting sports. Many of our students regularly participate at local matches for Steel Target, USPSA, NRL22 and Trap and Skeet.

Our instructors are fiercely dedicated to serving our community and often volunteer with our local Scouts, Girls Scouts, Women on Target and other women's groups ensuring that training is available to all.

NRA Instructor Credentials
Range Safety Officer
Women's Self Defense Credentials

DOJ Instructor Credentials


Chief Instructor - Samantha Surratt